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Baroque - Festive

The refinement of these satin petals, taken out of the context of a flowering pot plant, evoke feelings very far removed from the usual image of cyclamen.

Their airy freshness reminds us of sweet peas and their satin texture of an orchid.

Cyclamen flowers
CURLY® mix
Cyclamen flowers
Cyclamen flowers
CURLY® White
Cyclamen flowers Rose

Tips for cyclamen cut flowers

To get the most out of our Halios® cyclamen in a bouquet

1. Use pure water preferably
2. The stems must be cut back

To find out more about how surprisingly long they last in a vase

Questions / Answers
Find the answers to all your questions in order to better care for your cyclamen.
  • Inside the house, are certain places to be preferred or avoided when choosing where to put my cyclamen?
  • How should I water my cyclamen?
  • Is it possible to keep a cyclamen potted from one year to the next?