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Men and ... cyclamens not like the others

It is in Fréjus, in the South of France, that Guy Morel, based on the work of his father Charles, selected them during the course of a long and patient work of hybridisation. Created in difficult conditions for the cyclamen, the Morel varieties are naturally hardier and flower more. Cyclamen from the sun, exceptional cyclamen. Born in sunny lands they cope better with climate change. They are hardier, they flower more, last the longest and are exceptional plants.

Morel, creator of innovations!

The first FANTASIA® F1 cyclamen on the market in 2005, new, innovative flower shapes, original bi-colour contrast. These fancy varieties bring a constantly enriched assortment, in addition to all the basic shades (red, white, purple, pink, rose, salmon and magenta).

Midi cyclamen
FANTASIA® Deep rose
Baby Metis®
Lilac with eye
Baby Metis®

Questions / Answers
Find the answers to all your questions in order to better care for your cyclamen.
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