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CURLY® Purple
CURLY® Light pink with red eye
Cyclamen Halios® CURLY® Light purple & Magenta

CURLY® cyclamen petal

When the petal is delicately curled, this is called "Fringed" in cyclamens. With CURLY® the ripple starts on the edge of the flower.

Very good lifespan as cut flower.

Colour range: Red, Pink, Purple, Magenta, White, with edge, flamed...
This genetic feature exists in our Halios® series, cyclamens with large flowers .

Identify a CURLY® cyclamen

In order to help cyclamen lovers to recognize these special varieties in stores, labels have been created.

Locate the labels and the corresponding varietal information in your favourite shopping place.

Questions / Answers
Find the answers to all your questions in order to better care for your cyclamen.
  • Inside the house, are certain places to be preferred or avoided when choosing where to put my cyclamen?
  • How should I water my cyclamen?
  • Is it possible to keep a cyclamen potted from one year to the next?