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Monochrome or mixed version

Reds or whites, hodge-podge of colours in bright or soft tones, the cyclamen is invited into the city to accompany the autumn.

Contrary to common belief, cyclamen much prefer being outdoors to indoors, where it is often too hot.

For more than 50 years, the city gardens in the South have been planted with whole beddings of cyclamen.

And now this practice has spread to the North, for everyone's joy, where cyclamen remain fantastic at least from September to November, December.

French Riviera - Cannes
Cyclamen Latinia®
Mini Metis® cyclamen Red
San Francisco
Cyclamen Latinia ®
Premium cyclamen White

Did you know?

Not everyone knows this, but in most temperate climates, cyclamen are also excellent outdoor plants. Originally undergrowth plants, they enjoy freshness.

Perfect to flower gardens from September to December at least, even beyond for those in a more favourable climate, the flowering is then interrupted around springtime.

1. Choose the right spot

2. Plant from mid-August in the north and around mid-October in the south

3. Add fertiliser

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