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Long live diversity

Rewarding combinations!

Have fun not only with colours but also with shapes, textures and scents.

Give the beautiful part to Grasses (Carex, Fescue and Pennisetum). Their natural beauty provides an additional freedom to small cyclamen.

Mini Metis® cyclamen
Mini Metis® cyclamen
Mini Metis® cyclamen
Salmon silverleaf and White
Metis® cyclamen; Purple, Scarlet salmon

Very simple advice for busy gardeners

Cyclamen require very little care.

1. Shelter your potted cyclamen from rain and strong winds.

2. Don't over-water : let the soil dry a bit between two waterings.

3. Carefully remove withered flowers and leaves to promote the arrival of new buds.

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Find the answers to all your questions in order to better care for your cyclamen.
  • Inside the house, are certain places to be preferred or avoided when choosing where to put my cyclamen?
  • How should I water my cyclamen?
  • Is it possible to keep a cyclamen potted from one year to the next?