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The novelties in the Halios® series


Maximal choice

  • Pot size: Ø 12 to 22 cm / 5 to 8.5"
  • Ideal sales period: August through to March
Cyclamen Halios® VICTORIA 50 Rose with eye

VICTORIA 50 Rose with eye


Large rose to light pink with eye petals, prominent ruffle effect, contrasting deep magenta edges. Even and compact growth with abundant highly centred blooms. 50% VICTORIA.

Cyclamen Halios® Light rose

Light rose


A new addition to the Halios® series. Same shade as 2081 HD Light rose, but for later blooming. Very dark foliage which accentuates the bright colour.

Cyclamen Halios® Halios® White silverleaf

Halios® White silverleaf


Ivory white with distinctive silvery foliage. An elegant plant, good volume, round and regular growth, easy to grow. Abundant blooms with excellent lifespan in winter. More vigorous plant habit than 2210. Recommended for Christmas sales.

New mix: 2581 CURLY® Early mix evolution
Two significant improvements in terms of homogeneity in this mix of 11 colours: 2410 and 2495 have been replaced by two experimental varieties (only available in this mix), Bright scarlet exp, which is more intense in colour than 2410, and Bright purple exp, which is more compact than 2495.

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