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Very Special Cyclamen

Very Special Cyclamen

The result of our research work, these extraordinary “creations” have a unique characteristic, which makes them very unclassifiable.

The perfect choice for those who want to stand out from their competitors by offering rare varieties, they come with their own marketing materials: a logo, label and factsheet.

An highly original variety with extremely curly flowers. Unusual two-stage flowering: firstly, the appearance of a very large number of lantern-shaped buds with yellow-green fringes. Then, a few weeks later, the very slow opening of the curly flowers, whose yellow shade disappears. Small serrated leaves. A very robust plant. Easy to grow, exceptionally good resistance to Botrytis in spite of the closed flowers.
Natural mix which includes 40% magenta, 35% lighter shades (salmon, salmon rose, rose, light pink with eye), 25% purple.

12590 - PIPOCA® mix

Awarded as « Good performer » by Japan Flower Selections. Japan Flower Selections
  • Flowers with salmon pink and pale pink tints with purple eye
  • Very pointed leaves
  • Wavy-edged petals
  • Very compact, abundant and early-flowering
  • Well suited for sale during the early part of the season
  • Variation of flower shape: In case of late-season flowering and in cooler temperatures, the flowers become bell-shaped
Cyclamen FALBALA® Rose




The characteristic of the FANTASIA® range with fringe!
In addition to their distinctive decorative fl owers, these varieties stand out because of their perfect suitability for winter cultivation.

  • Very long-lasting, mainly because of their very thick stems
  • Remarkable dark foliage
  • Strong growth, very tough plant tissues adapted to cold weather production
  • Perfect for late-season flowering
  • Exceptionally good resistance to Botrytis
  • 10% of flowers with variable fl ower shape
Cyclamen FRIOLA® Light purple

FRIOLA® Light purple

Cyclamen FRIOLA® Magenta

FRIOLA® Magenta


  • An amazing new cyclamen
  • A completely new ornamental variety very different from regular cyclamen
  • Highly resistant and excellent behavior, even outdoors
  • 100% ORIGAMI® type flowers
Cyclamen ORIGAMI® Silverleaf

ORIGAMI® Silverleaf






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