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The growing medium

Fertiliser incorporated in the medium (initial fertiliser)

The amount of fertiliser initially present in the medium has an effect on the size of the mature plant.

The N:K ratio must be kept at 1:2.

> The N:K ratio

It is considered nowadays that during the main growth phase the N:K ratio should be 1:2. Nitrogen should not be given to excess or large coarse leaves will result, not to mention Botrytis and Fusarium attacks, and the prolonging of the growing cycle.


Heavy doses of initial fertiliser almost always turn out to be harmful for cyclamen. The results of this are often the cause of delayed flowering as well as an increased susceptibility to disease; and the general look and healthiness of the plants is not what it could be.


This advice sheet is based on the methods used at the SCEA at Montourey (Fréjus, France). These procedures may need some modification to adapt them to other climatic situations. Before starting to grow cyclamen there needs to be a review of precautions against pests and diseases.   We must point out that our advice and suggestions are offered for information purposes and therefore cannot include any guarantee of specific results; it is a good idea to carry out trials beforehand.


The growing medium :

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