Selection of F1 Hybrid cyclamen A national collection
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Invitation to 2018 California Spring Trials

Not to miss!
The latest novelties of MOREL Cyclamen on display during Spring Trials at Ball - Santa Paula.


Come and play at IPM! Must read: which MINI cyclamen to choose?

IPM Invitation LET’S PLAY!
New TechNews! Which MINI cyclamen to choose?


Your 3 meeting places with Morel Cyclamen

Not to miss!


Invitation to Cultivate 17



Plan your grow schedule with total peace of mind!

Get your diaries out for an unmissable GREEN event


Morel novelties at Spring trials California

Enter in your agenda
Not to miss!

New location for MOREL stand! - IPM 2017

Make your customers fall in love with your cyclamen offer!

Your 3 meeting places with Morel Cyclamen

Not to miss!


Invitation to CULTIVATE'16

Novelties to discover at...CULTIVATE'16 Exhibition


Invitation to the FlowerTrials

Your pass for a festival of novelties

Spring trials 2016

 Acres of Buzz (Ellen Wells - Chris Beytes)


Invitation to 2016 California Spring Trials

Schedule a visit to discover...



Our meeting place with you!


Invitation IPM

Optimize your cyclamen offer


Morel Cyclamen awarded as a National Collection by the CCVS!

Our national collection has been evaluated ...


Your 3 meeting places with Morel Cyclamen

An opportunity...


Invitation to CULTIVATE 15

Let's cultivate Innovation!
14 novelties to welcome you in this new cyclamen season.


Invitation to the Flower Trials 2015



Invitation Salon du Végétal 2015

our mid-season meeting point!


Invitation IPM 2015

Do you like novelties?

Morel cyclamen in «The Sun»

Morel cyclamens in «The Sun»for Peter Seabrook’s jubilee in London…


Your 3 meeting places with Morel Cyclamen

An opportunity...


Discover our new catalogue

 Seed of creativity...


Invitation to CULTIVATE’14 – USA

July 13- 15, 2014
From micro cyclamen to maxi plant…


Invitation to the FlowerTrials 2014

One stop for a full year in bloom


Invitation to 2014 California Spring Trials

Morel novelties – New location


INVITATION Salon du Végétal 2014

Invitation….to colour your life in green


Invitation IPM 2014

Do you like novelties?


Many of us are thinking about you in 2014….


Invitation to Morel meetings – autumn 2013

FloraHolland Trade Fair, Morel trials…


Discover our new catalogue

We innovate for you…


Invitation to OFA SHORT COURSE - USA

July 13 - 16 2013
Discover what’s really new…


Invitation FlowerTrials 2013 - Holland

An offer for each season


Invitation to the 2013 Californian Spring Trials

Looking for uniqueness!


Invitation to Salon du Végétal 2013

LET’S DARE innovation in action!


3 meetings during autumn 2012

Production trials in Holland, IFTF exhibition, Morel trials in Fréjus…


Discover our new catalogue

Innovation in action with 14 novelties…


Thank you for visiting the Flower Trials 2012!

A short film to summarize, what you have seen (or missed!).
See you next year…


Invitation to OHIO Short Course Exhibition (USA)
July 14 -17 2012

New season, new approach!


Invitation to the Flower Trials (Netherlands) from 12 to 15 June 2012

Preview our novelties for the season 2012-13


A medal at Innovert competition!

Halios® CURLY®  Purple with edge awarded


IPM 2013

Don’t miss the new edition of IPM; it takes place in Essen from January 22-25, 2013.


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