Optimierung der Beetkultur

Page 3/6 Optimization tips for growing cyclamen in California adapted for outdoor use 3. Irrigation Vectors of infections are always present in the ground so this crop placing method will make it possible to isolate the cy- clamen from diseases that may infect them.  And last but not least, select a tray which will support the pots correctly and create an air space between the tray and the ground. This will avoid flooding issues and re-absorption of water, and thus make the irrigation much more even. This option is often even better than the traditional crop benches because it allows a very favorable “cooling” effect for the roots with minimum temperature and humidity alterations. Elevated culture tray Culture tray holding the pots completely Elevated culture tray Never re-use trays for the next crop unless they are correctly disinfected. Within the concept of growing “pot plants” ( very precise and controlled irrigation system with drips or flood systems) we can regulate the water amounts per plant with sufficient accuracy and maintain good control of growth as well as healthy roots. Within the concept of growing “bedding plants” the overhead irrigation system is the most usual system for watering cyclamen. The temperatures and humidity of the Californian climate as exposed previously, tolerate the use of this se- cond watering system without too many risks. It is advisable to always water in the morning. There are several sprinkler irrigation systems, but most of them stop being efficient when the canopy covers the pot. In that case a long irrigation time is necessary, leading to flooding issues and unnecessary waste of water. Lack of healthy roots due to an excess of water and drainage deficiency