Optimierung der Beetkultur

Page 6/6 Optimization tips for growing cyclamen in California adapted for outdoor use With a correct application of the previously exposed crop factors, the use of any growth regulator would not be necessary. Nevertheless, as alternative to some uncontrolled irrigation and feeding issues, some producers use B-NINE (daminozide). Like all growth regulators, it must be applied at the most suitable moment to be effective: in general, one month after potting and just before spacing. The doses with high temperatures are between 3000 and 4000 ppm applied by pulverization avoiding the treatment to penetrate inside the plant. More than one treatment is not recommendable as this will delay the flowering with two to three weeks. If you have no experience with this regulator on cyclamen, we recommend to test it on small batches in parallel to the production. This regulator can have a synergic effect if the crop is taken from the driest side. Crop Schedule: Chemical growth regulators DURATION OF CULTURE FROM (in weeks) SOWING POTTING 4 " Pot (10,5cm) SPACING 25pl/m 2 FIRST FLOWER BUDS Plug 0,9/1,1 " (23-28mm) Plug 1,2/1,4 " (30-35mm) Plug 0,9/1,1 " (23-28mm) Plug 1,2/1,4 " (30-35mm) ESSENTIAL TIANIS® 27 -28 14 12 10 9 2 TIANIS® FANTASIA 29-30 16 14 12 11 3 ESSENTIAL LATINIA® 28-29 15 13 11 10 2 LATINIA® FANTASIA 31-32 17 15 13 12 3